HEDDI RIED   Speculative Drawings                                                                

Hi, I'm Heddi RIED, artist and at home in the field of Speculative Drawings *. Wherever it drives me and blows me, it is often nature that catches me and leads me to the wondrous artifacts, to a transforming life, to something that arouse the inner child, challenges the mind about the future and also dissolves numerical time into one felt time. My studio is where ever it feels right to be. I collaborate in the field of experimental workshops and enabling spaces, too, with focus on nature aspects.

Find me here: Berlin, Bristol, NewYork, Riga, Guadeloupe, CostaRica, Bialystok, Berlin, Marseille, Costa Rica, Berlin, Vietnam, Thailand, Berlin

Contact: heddi.ried@gmail.com

Speculative Design* is understood as critical and researching design I feel inspired by. (Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby, Speculative Everything, 2013). On the one hand artifacts are designed that push current and unthinkable themes to the extreme, making them visible and debatable. On the other hand Speculative Design can also be seen as a process of imagination. This kind of imagination produces knowledge by trying to transform reality. (Victoria Peréz Royo, José A. Sánchez, Cristina Blanco: In-definitions, 2013)

ART RESIDENCY, AURORA School for ARtists, Berlin
01/22-04/22 ART RESIDENCY #1, MoosSpace, Berlin
02/22 DRAWING WORKSHOP, Speculative Plants, Botanic Garden, Berlin
04/22 OPEN STUDIO #1, MoosSpace, Berlin
07/22-09/22 ART RESIDENCY #2, MoosSpace, Berlin
07/22 OPEN STUDIO #2, MoosSpace, Berlin
08/22 DRAWING WORKSHOP, Love Your Failures, MoosSpace, Berlin
09/22 OPEN STUDIO, REGENS UNITE, MoosSpace, Berlin
10/22 SOLO-EXHIBITION, MoosSpace, Berlin
04/23 DRAWING WORKSHOP, Sound On Ink I, Chiang Mai, Thailand
05/23 DRAWING WORKSHOP, Sound On Ink II, Chiang Mai, Thailand
05/23 DRAWING WORKSHOP, Tea & Draw, Chiang Mai, Thailand
06/23 DRAWING WORKSHOP, We Are Nature, Brandenburg
07/23 GROUP-EXHIBITION, Kyoto Gallery, Berlin
02. photo on the home page; solo-exhibition En-Trance at Moos.Space:  © Amélie Losier